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SEO analysis of a website or blog

To go to the way of destination of top rank you must have to know the current position of  the website. To optimize your website for search engine, you have to analyze your current SEO position of a website. SEO analysis is the only way to find your current SEO position of a website. SEO is a long term task to promote your rank on search engine. You have to monitor the process and fix it if required. There is no fixed way to analysis search engine optimization process. But, some term helps us a lot to analysis the optimization task for search engine.


Following term you have to know and analysis about SEO analysis of a website.


# Referring Webpage:


Referring webpage means that webpage which have inbound link to your website. In simple it is the task of link building. It is considered as one of the most effective parameter for SEO analysis. Higher number of referring webpage refers to higher recommendation.


# Total Back link:


Back link is the inbound link of a website from other website. It is one of the most important parameter for SEO analysis. There are two types of link one is Dofollow and another is Nofollow. Both are important for SEO.But Dofollow links are more important for the optimization. Because it index the link on the website and allow search engine robot to access the link.


# Referring IPs and Referring domains:


It means that, how many website and unique IP contain your website link. Search engine highly recommend that for ranking a website. Search engine bot find out it when to crawl the website. You can increase your referring IP and referring domain by forum posting, article posting, directory listing blog commenting and paid advertising.


# Anchor Text:


Anchor text is the text that hyperlinked your website with another. Search Engine cache the anchor text with higher priority. That is why, when some one search for anything this anchor text recommend this webpage .


# Conversation Rate:


Conversation rate of a website is also an important factor for SEO. It refers to make a visitor of your website to your client. It is tracked by observing returning visitor, visit duration, bounce rate and average time on website. Search bot monitor all of these factor to give a search rank of your website.




# Bounce Rate and average time on website:


Bounce rate refers to a visit that does not stay minimum time on your website. Its reflect usability of your website content. Low bounce rate reflect high usability and high bounce rate reflect low usability. Another important things is average time on website. When a visitor spent more time on your website, it considered as more user satisfaction on your website content.




# Keyword Competition and Keyword Density:


Keyword is that word for which your website will be recommended by search engine. In general, for one keywords there are thousand of website. Which make a keyword  more competitive. You have to work harder for recommendation your website for a high competition keyword than a low competition one. It also take more time to optimize for search engine . Keywords density should not be more than 4 percent for a content. Otherwise it considered as a spam task.



You can analysis your SEO position from the following website:

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