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Natural link building with relevancy -latest SEO techniques

With the change of internet and ecommerce the SEO become more popular to get traffic from the search engine. Most of the optimization process becomes automatic with the software. It brings low quality website at the top search position because of their optimization. A search engine always tries to give the most accurate result of their search. But, it becomes harder because of black hat optimization of search engine for several website.


Google, the most used search engine frequently update their search algorithm to protect this optimization process. Google recommend the natural way to optimize the website. Google strongly prohibit using any software or other automated system to optimize a website for search rank. Google consider a lot of factor and their combination to rank a website on search engine.


Google update their search algorithm recently for protect the automated optimization of website, This is known as google penguin update’2012. This update is called the update of natural and relevancy update in SEO world.


Search engine find the recommendation by observing the inbound link to a website form other. In previous , back link from high page rank get the higher recommendation. And the number of back link was another pre condition of higher rank on search. But, after the penguin update of 2012, it loose it previous value. Google now search for natural link from another website. Website relevancy also become a fact for recommendation. Link from the relevant website is counted as a back link by google. Again, from one webpage google count only one link for a single website after the update.




How to build up natural and relevant back link:


This is not an easy task to build natural and relevant link for a website or blog. By following way you can make  natural and relevant back link for your website:


# Comment on similar blog:


Post comment with your website link on a similar blog. Do not post randomly at all blog to make back link. Now, it is considered as a spam task to post comment to any irrelevant website. Do not post a single to many blog. Write different comments based on article topics.


# Post on forum on the related threads:


Post reply with signature on different related forum or related threads. Do not post a “thank you” post as reply. Try to deliver something valuable. Do not post more than 3 link as a signature.


# Submit link on relative business directory


Post your website or blog link to relative business directory. If the directory has high page rank, it will give you higher recommendation. Post the accurate data about your website on directory.


# Share on social media network:


Social media is the place to get social response. Search engine give higher priority to the link from social media. Make fan page and social media profile to promote your business. Link up your website with your social media profile. Do not forget to link your website with facebook, twitter, myspace, youtube , linked in and google plus.


# Share video:


Video is the most easiest way to express your task. Do not forget to open a channel on youtube to promote your website . You also can link your youtube video with your website. It will create an attraction to your visitors. It helps a lot to increase conversation rate as well as improve your SEO rank.


# Guest blogging to related blog


Guest blogging is the task of writing to others blog as a guest. Try to write to others blog as a guest blogger . You must have to post at relative blog . Post link with your article to other blog. Link from a article get higher priority than a link from a comment. It helps a lot to get higher rank on search engine.


# Do the task regularly :


It is one of the most important task that you must have to follow to promote your website . All the task of making link can not be stopped anyhow. Google is monitoring the link building method. If it stops after a certain level, it will be considered as a spam link.So, be continuous in the process of link building.

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