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Effect of hosting on SEO

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] becomes harder day by day. Because a lot of factor is considering now for give a search engine rank to any website. Google make this process harder to prevent low quality website on their top position. Hosting is also a factor for search engine optimization process. Because, your server is responsible to provide your website content  to your visitors. Google try to show the best quality website to its top position ,that can satisfy an user with its content and experience. And, for user experience your website must be fast, easy loaded and with quality content.


If your server is slow, that can make your website Search Engine Rank down. User or visitor of any website do not like low speed website at all. Google bot crawler crawl your website and repot about your website for its search engine rank.


Server downtime is another cause of getting low response from the search engine traffic. If your server get down frequently, it is noted by google and rank down your website from search engine.


Some low quality server do not allow google bot or other bot to crawling the website files in their server. It is very much harmful for your website to SEO. If the boot can not crawl the website , it will not consider your website to give a search position at all.


Blacklisted Server : Make sure your server or server IP is not black listed by google for its other website or content. If the IP is blacklisted by google your website never get good response from the hosting on this server. It is also one of the most important factor that can effect on SEO of your website.


These are the fact that effect on search engine position of your website because of your server. If you run a website ,blog or other content based service ,where your main visitors source is search engine, you must have to consider these facts. Before purchase a hosting plan, check out the review about this fact of a server. Do not go to any server only for its low cost, because saving of this only one dollar, may cause a loose of thousand dollar indeed ! ! !

Mind it, at first of all, your website is only for the visitors, so try to make them satisfied by all means.

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