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Blog Commenting For SEO

Blog commenting is the process to post your comment based on a blog post. You will get opportunity to your website link with the blog comment. IT is the easiest way to get back link  from another website. But, this task is also considered as the toughest task for link building also. Because, a webmaster rceived thousand of comments for his blog everyday. And most of them are spam. So, he does not approve all comments to post with his post. Only a thanks is not enough to take a space in his blog. Therefore, most of the comments will be disapproved everyday.


Why blog commenting is so important for link building for SEO?


-Blog commenting is so important because its back link pattern. In general, you also can create back link form forum. It is more easier to get link from a forum as a signature. But ,link from blog commenting has more search engine value. Because,  only by blog commenting, you can get backlink form different domain. So, the number of your referred domain will increase rapidly. Search engine consider higher referred domain as higher recommendation. It is more important than the number of backlink you have.


Build up link with blog commenting  / Blog commenting strategies:


In the most case, people loose their interest on blog commenting is the “uncertainty” to being approved the comment. Your comment will be unapproved if it is considered as a spam. Generally, blogger or webmaster does not consider a comment as apam, because of its link. Sometimes  it considered as spam because of its “Anchor Text” and “comment pattern”. You may follow following stratigies to make your comment easily approved by moderator:


# Read the blog and find out the point blogger want to focused here. Post your comment about th main and core matter of blog.


# Try to use anchore text as your name.If you want to use a keyword on anchor text ,you may try the following format

“your Name @your keywords” .Your keyword should not over two words.


# If you do not want to read the full article, minimum read 3-4 previous comment and post your comment on the basis of that.


# Try to trough a question to others. It also increase chance to get approved your link.


# Write something interesting that make your comment as an ornament of that article.


# Write something useful, that your words make a extra utility of that article.


# Do not post comment on a single blog with a single username, its make a name common to the moderator,  Which may drive to think as a spam.


# Do not post a simple “Thank You” comment in a blog.

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